About us



Destination Kauai LLC was founded to provide expert, personalized service. We are your locally owned and operated Vacation Rental Property Management Company and offer our knowledge of more than 25 years in the Hospitality, Real Estate, and Management field for guests and owners.





Jeremy Smith


Jeremy was introduced in to the property management field at a young age. His family managed multiple rentals and commercial property. Shortly after graduating from high school he had purchased a duplex that gave him his first taste of hands on rental management. He found this to be the field of work to build his life around. He went on to become a licensed Realtor in 2006, ranking in the top #5 his 2nd year in sales with Century 21 all islands. Over the past decade Jeremy has worked with multiple clients in acquisition and development of vacation rental properties. Earning his Brokers license in 2015 Jeremy decided to open up his own real estate company, Destination Kauai. Business aside, he has enjoyed Kauai as his home for 20+ years.
Jeremy has outstanding communication with guest and owners, strong work ethic, and the reliability owners can count on. Making Destination Kauai the #1 choice for your vacation rental property.




Markus Reiprich


Markus was born in Berlin, Germany. Attracted from a young age to the world of business, he  earned his state-certified degree in Economics and Information before going on to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations. He launched his first successful venture, a cleaning company, in the early 90s, and then went on to become a branch manager in a retail business. In 2001, he moved up to become the general manager, even taking on partial ownership in the company. Through a combination of business strategy and active involvement, he expanded the business to ten times the previous value.

An explorer at heart and world traveler, Markus and his wife moved to Kauai in 2014. His wife had previously called Kauai home, and Markus was excited to make a radical change to island life. Continuing to work as a consultant to businesses in Germany, he has since moved on to the vacation rental business, acting as a managing partner for Destination Kauai.

Markus has a strong work ethic and is known for his people skills and his financial acumen. He has a proven track record of taking businesses that are just getting by and pushing them to new levels of success.